I am an Assistant Professor in the Finance Department at the London Business School.

My research interests include corporate governance, financial intermediation, and public finance.

I completed a Ph.D. and M.Phil. in Finance at Columbia Business School and my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida.

Working Papers

Macrostructure Reform in an Inelastic Market: Evidence from Adoption of ETF Creation in Israel. 2021. With Polina Dovman and Ilan Gildin.

Work in Progress

The Pain of Paying Taxes Early: Evidence from Ecuadorian Firms (with Kim Fe Cramer and NĂ©stor Villacreses).

Tax incidence distorts firm incentives, but does the timing of tax payments? If firms are financially constrained, earlier tax payments could limit the amount available to invest or to buffer adverse events. We use quasi-exogenous variation in the amount that firms in Ecuador withhold from their suppliers at the transaction level. This allows us to study the effect of paying more taxes upfront instead of at the annual tax filing on supplier-level outcomes, including investment and survival. While tax withholding is a key strategy to increase government oversight and tax revenue, we assess whether it needs to be weighed against unintended consequences.